Celebrating Earth's Elements: Clay, Glass, Wood, Metal & Fiber

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February 1 – 23, 2020

I am always excited to be a part of this recurring show at the Borrego Art Institute. The audience is incredibly supportive of the arts. And because many visitors are “snowbirds”, often art travels at the far corners of the nation.

For this show, I am introducing two new series of work: a series of Brutalist-inspired sculptures and a series of wall-mounted orbs titled Small Worlds.

The Brutalist series of sculptural pieces is inspired by the Brutalist architecture, or Brutalism, movement which was popular in the 1970s. The architectural style is characterized by simple, block-like forms and raw concrete constructions (béton brut in French). The porcelain sculptures were constructed from the repetition of one or two hollow building blocks. The blocks were cut and fitted to assemble the structure, making sure to create tight junctions for strength. Like the architectural movement, this Brutalist series personifies raw, quintessential human emotions and ideals.

Small Worlds is a series of porcelain orbs that are derived from my ongoing work on achieving soft colors in an astonishing array of swirls and patterns on the porcelain surface. Each orb displays a unique pattern that is reminiscent to the drawings of faraway planets that have captivated humanity since we launched men in space. These one of a kind orbs invite the imagination of the viewer to dream of the type of worlds that may be waiting for us out there.

“Success is a Team Effort” – Brutalist Series
This work represents the power in teamwork and how diversity, no matter how little, can drive a team to success. Everyone can contribute to reach the top